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Homage to the wing-nut.

The Australian Dingo was brought to Australia by the aborigines about 1000 years ago.

My “Dingo,” an adjustable table with glass top, has in fact nothing to do with it.

In 2004 I nearly finished my little table design for Metaform. But one important detail was missing — the wing-nut for the adjustable system. I had a beautiful type in mind — a large size wing-nut that you cannot miss. Even a child would understand that when you rotate the wing-nut, the table top would slide up and down.

I went to many stores. I looked for information on the internet. But the beautifully crafted wing-nuts with their beautiful angel wings did not exist anymore!

The European industry standard was the major culprit here. Wherever you go to search you always find the same screws, nuts, and rings, and you name it.

What you find was clearly not made by a designer. It is missing all the fine craftsmanship. Mass produced objects!

Even in the stores in Athens I found the same types and brands made in China.

At my favourite store, they looked in their storages places but came back empty handed. The owner said, “The are all Dingo’s!” I thanked the man who gave me the perfect name for my design; he came from Australia.

Finally I discovered my angel — with two round wings perforated in the middle with a hole, looking like Mickey Mouse. I blew her up in size and Metaform decided to produce it by themselves.

The search for this detail took quite a long time.

My Dingo table is an homage to the wing-nut.

When I walk on the ferryboat that sails from Athens to Serifos I always look at the details around me. Sometimes I walk into the engine rooms, and climb into prohibited areas. I often feel excited and at the same time a little jealous when I see all the beautiful metal crafted constructions and the fancy and sleek wing-nuts.

Some of that ferry is missing a few screws and wing-nuts; I took them to safety!

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